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About me

The photographer high in his park, on the Cliff TrailMy name is James Emert. My interest in art, technology, history and nature goes as far back as I can remember. I have to thank my Mom for recognizing my artistic talents and nurturing them by bartering her skills as a bookkeeper for lessons with a local artist. The Boy Scouts taught me many valuable skills that I still use. But they also provided me the experience of nature and history by exploring so many wonderful places. One of the lessons my Dad learned from my scout leaders was the economy of staying at state parks. It freed a man of very modest means to share with his family the experience of a significant portion of this vast and wonderful country.

And then along came life. Technology beckoned as a way to make a good living. And from there came teaching. Art, history and nature were always the core of my soul, but became relegated to something that I did in my spare time or on vacations. But then I became the father of three wonderful children. Each of them has grown into equally wonderful adults; each with their own amazing talents and unique path in life. In a way that I’m sure they find amusing, they began to educate their father. First, my artistic daughter reawoke my slumbering artistic talents. After some soul searching, I choose photography to express them. Second, my park ranger son guided my growing hunger for artistic subjects into the treasure chest called the National Park System. Third, my other daughter and wife have encouraged my artistic growth.

So, I find myself embarking on my next stage in life. I feel blessed by being richly, endowed with many gifts and skills. My love of history and nature draws me into the park system and surrounds me with wonders. My love of art gives me the talent to see those wonders and capture them with my camera. And my love of technology gives me the skills to render those images and present them to you. It feels like I have begun a kind of “walk about,” which I hope to share through my images.Photographer at Van Campen%27s Inn

Thank you for visiting my web site. Feel free to contact me at Photographer@ParkPhotographer.net. While this site is dedicated to the National Park System, there is no formal relationship with the system.
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