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Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This summer starts a large project with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The park is a large area that startles the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey along 34 miles of the Delaware River.  The goal of this project is to provide the park with a library of digital images that can be used for a variety of purposes.


A major focus of this project is the 100 miles of trails. To portray these effectively, it is important to show people using them. These images must specifically illustrate both diversity and proper trail behavior. By diversity, we are interested in more than just the different races. The images also need to show different ages, sexes and visually identifiable groups such as the Boy Scouts. Handicapped hikers are also welcome. Proper trail behavior would include appropriate dress, footgear and equipment.


Shoots will be conducted in June, July and August. A maximum of 6 volunteers can be used at a time. A group of approximately a dozen volunteers will be sent an email a week before the shoot. The first six who respond will be included in the shoot will be emailed a meeting location. The gathering will typically be at 9:00AM and will begin with taking head shots. The group will then move onto the trail for approximately 3 hours of picture taking. At the end of the shoot, each volunteer will be requested to sign release forms. Cold beverages will be provided if you want to bring a picnic lunch.


Minors (youth under 18) must have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Youth leaders who sign a minorís form must submit a signed power of attorney form with the release.


If you are interested in helping, please fill out the Volunteer Form.

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